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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Taking a break from work in Greece

Hello late night Reddit web surfers! Please let me know what I can do to make this blog a better experience for everyone.

I just want to help people that did not have the resources growing up to know how to work on cars. Our lives depend so much on our vehicle (Unless you are from New York, Jersey people should be allowed to own a car) and I am tired of hearing how much people pay for tiny repairs. Please comment or message me and I will be happy to walk you through how to do any repair for your car or truck. No charge. I am always for saving money, even at drive-in movie theaters. HAHA! 

Audi 2.8 Starter Motor Replacement

I don't always work on Audis, but when I do I realize America is not the "standard."Haha, comment if this is a 4th grade joke...  Below is a walkthrough of how to change the starter motor in a B5 (Older than 2001.5) Audi A4. It is a difficult process and the way Audi wants you to change it will take twice as long as the way listed below. The starter motor on the 2.8 does not have a lot of clearance to remove, but if three bolts are removed it is easily replaced without the cursing and bloody knuckles! Please comment here or in the video if you have any suggestions and as always, stay greasy my friends. 

Audi A4 Starter Motor Replacement

Audi 2.8 B5 SOHC Timing Belt Breaking

Below is a video that shows some of the issues that arise when the timing belt brakes on a interference engine. It also covers the notorious cam issue the SOHC 2.8 engines experience. Lobes will literally wear down to nothing if the improper octane is used in the engine over a long period of time. This will cause one or more valves to not open completely leaving the engine down a cylinder. Over time the metal shavings that were worn off will cause damage to the oil pump, leading to catastrophic engine failure....not to be negative... Catch it soon enough and change the cam, lifter (follower), and oil. The sound should sound like a tapping similar to lifter tick, but it isn't lifter tick... Simply pulling off the valve cover will give a clear view if it is a cam issue. If it is the Cam, replace and it should be good to go...unless you have been running WOT for long periods of time or are actively participating in street racing.

Audi Timing Belt and Camshaft Issues

Mitsubishi Eclipse Timing Belt Replacement

I have compiled a short video to go through the basic work needed to be done to replace the timing belt on an Eclipse. It is a labor intensive job and be prepared for busted knuckles... I will be adding a step by step tutorial later this week. Thanks again and comment if you have any questions!

Eclipse Timing Belt Change

Eclipse Timing Belt Breaking

Range Rover Front Brake and Bearing Replacement

I have attached some information on the Range Rover front axle brake and bearing replacement. The Range Rover has a much different rotor bearing combo than most other cars and trucks, but the rotor can be detached and replaced instead of the whole hub assembly. Below is a visual of the process. Thanks again y'all!

Range Rover Front Axle 

Jeep Cherokee Front Brake Replacement

Below is the video for front brake replacement on a Jeep Cherokee 4.0L.

Jeep Front Brake Replacement

Toyota RAV4 Front Brake Replacement

Video instructions on Toyota Rav4 front brake replacement. Please contact me if you would like to request a video!

Toyota Front Brake Replacement

Dodge Dakota Sport Timing Chain VIDEO

Noisy timing chain issue on your Dodge? Watch this video to find out why!

Dodge Dakota Noisy Timing Chain