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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Audi 1.8 T Timing Belt replacement

Now that the bumper, radiator, belts, hoses and lines have been removed along with the timing belt cover itself it is time to REPLACE THE BELT!
It really helps to have a cam clamp. This allows you to keep your hands off the cams while you install the new belt.
I would also recommend a type of heat safe sylicone sealent for the water pump. the gasket you get with the kit works very well by-itself but it is better to be safe than sorry.

The water pump and tension-er are installed first. There will be a notch on the tension-er to pull it back enough to make room to install the belt. Keep in mind to check, check and triple check that the cams and crankshaft are aligned.

ALIGNMENT OF CAM SHAFT AND CRANK SHAFT: When aligning the cam's and crank shaft while installing the new belt the biggest thing to keep an eye on is the small dots on the cam shaft and crank. The cam shafts will align with a small arrow on the valve cover so make sure the valve cover is installed before trying to align the cams. While the cams are aligned on the arrows slowly slip the belt over the gears while the crank shaft is aligned on the small arrow on the block. This is much easier said then done.... and will probably take a few tries before it is aligned perfect.

After the belt is installed take a deep well socket and ratchet to the crank bolt. Do not loosen the bolt but crank the motor over by hand a few revolutions. This will insure that the engine is timed correctly. After you crank it over by hand use the starter motor without the coils on the plugs. Crank it over a few times, not long but enough to make sure everything is moving correctly.

You can now start to assemble the entire front of the car back together...

I will continue with after assembly start up in my next post.

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