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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Steps in Replacing 2002-2005 Audi A4 1.8T timing belt

I will give a brief walkthrough of what to do in the process of replacing the timing belt of a 2002 to 2005 Audi A4 with a 1.8 L Turbo:
Supplies.....Jacks, Jack stands, full socket set, full torque spec set, breaker bar, some bandages for bloody knuckles and misc screwdrivers and such. When replacing the timing belt always replace the WATER PUMP, TIMING BELT TENSION-ER, AND A NEW Belt. The replacement of these parts now can save a huge headache in the future...
The first step is to: Slightly jack up the front of the car, Remove all covers on the top of the motor, Remove all connections that you can get your hands on.

Step Two: The front bumper will have to be removed and it is attached to the each fender along with eight long bolts located on the front of the bumper. The inter-cooler is also located in this area and the connections must be removed.

Step Three: Once the bumper is removed then you can start to remove the timing cover. After the timing cover is removed you can then align the cams and crank shaft while slowly removing the timing belt. Be careful that your fingers do not get caught in the gears because tension can sometimes still be held under the stretching of the belt.


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  1. Thank you for this post Levi. I've replaced several timing belts, water pumps, alternators, and once getting to these parts, doesn't look complete foreign to me (pardon the pun). But, getting this pumper off has been nothing short of excrutiating. You mentioned 8 long bolts. I've pulled out two (that scrwed in/out in a verticle manner) once the fog lights were removed, but where are the others?? I've also unscrewed all applicable screwes from the wheel well as well, this thins wouldn't budge with a pulley attached to a jeep! Any help is beyond greatly appreciated. I'm talking about a 2005 Audi A4 1.8t Cabriolet. John