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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Post Timing Belt Replacement Audi 1.8 T 02-05

After the timing belt is changed and everything is put back together it is time to start her up! But before hand the main thing that must be monitored closely is the coolant level. Because the system was partially drained during the belt change it is very possible that the system will have a bubble.

The term for this process is BURPING.

1. Make sure the reservoir is completely full and leave off the cap.
2. Start up the car for 45 seconds or so then shut off
3. Let the car sit for a moment and check the fluid level
4. Squeeze the coolant hoses, you should hear a bubbling or gurgle
5. Start up the car again and this time let it run for 2-5 minutes while keeping an eye on both the temperature gauge and the coolant level.
6. After the 2-5 minutes has passed let the car sit for 15 minutes
7. Start the car and take it for a short test drive while keeping a steady eye on the temperature gauge, after check everything again and if all the levels look good then your coolant system is ready to go and you have another 100k before changing that darn belt again! Hope these posts helped you and please comment if you would like anymore information. 

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