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Saturday, April 30, 2011


This is normally a time consuming task and would devote 6-8 hours to do the job right. The following is a list of everything needed:

First and foremost you need a timing belt kit. Always replace the water pump and tensioner when replacing the timing belt. These kits can cost anywhere from $99.00 on ebay to $250 for a quality brand name kit. I also sell these kits so if you need any pricing or would like to order just comment or call me (my phone number is listed on my first post on this blog.)

These kits will include the gasket for the water pump, tensioner "consists of small pulley and a cylinder to keep tension on the belt at all times, and the belt itself. The belt itself is a notched unit and the notches align with the single cam shaft gear and the crankshaft gear. The camshaft gear is the larger one on the top of the motor that controls the timing of the valves and is also connected under the valve cover with another cam almost exactly the same through a chain, two gears "almost like a bike sprocket" and a hyd tensioner. The timing belt drives all of this and is essential to the timing of the engine. If this belt breaks while the car is running the valves will impact the tops of one or more pistons ruining the engine. I will discuss more in regard to the hyd tensioner that works with the timing chain on your A4 if you let me know. I have replaced many and know exactly what symptoms to look for. These parts are very expensive so you want to make sure before you replace it!

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